If you spend the first 30 minutes of your presentation bashing your competitors, it’s unlikely that I’ll be interested in the next 30. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VMSA-2021-0002 updates for VMware ESXi and vCenter address multiple security vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-21972, CVE-2021-21973, CVE-2021-21974) dirteam.com/sander/2021/02… Subscribe to the vExpert blog feed blogs.vmware.com/wprss Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VMware on SmartNICs accelerates virtualization dy.si/5HvgA Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VCF Powernova flings.vmware.com/vmware-cloud-f… is LIVE right now. VCF Powernova is a complete automated solution for all power management operations on the entire VCF stack. Check it out! @VMware @vmwarevcf @vExpert Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

vSphere with Tanzu backup/restore with Velero vSphere Operator cormachogan.com/2021/02/24/vsp… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Have some time to spare? ▶️ Press play for a quick introduction and demo of the #vSAN Data Persistence Platform. bit.ly/3kj8xgj Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Is multi-cloud a strategy or outcome? Find out from VP and CTO, @kitcolbert: bit.ly/2Mh7Lnm Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

test Twitter Media - RT @VMware: Is multi-cloud a strategy or outcome?

Find out from VP and CTO, @kitcolbert: https://t.co/2sGpla8Lv4 https://t.co/AAJFWGEbxr

New Post: Automating your Veeam lab buff.ly/2ZKbmgI Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

I have started documenting my learning resources, one so I don’t forget and go through things again but also a reference to help others. vzilla.co.uk/the-learning-c… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Why you should use vSAN 7.0 U1? Well because there are massive performance gains to be had. Also look at the performance benefit of using compression-only compared to deduplication & compression. If your workloads don't dedupe well, definitely recommended! infohub.delltechnologies.com/l/harnessing-t… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

🎉 The #vExpert Awards are here! 🎉 Find a list of the 2021 vExperts here: bit.ly/3aZXuo3 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

test Twitter Media - RT @VMware: 🎉 The #vExpert Awards are here! 🎉

Find a list of the 2021 vExperts here: https://t.co/QiRd2LIml9 https://t.co/mUzLkqToLA

Very honoured to tweet out I’ve been included on the VMware #vExpert program for another year. Massive thank you to @vCommunityGuy & @VMware for running a fantastic community of awesome people. vExpert 2021 Award Announcement blogs.vmware.com/vexpert/2021/0…

test Twitter Media - Very honoured to tweet out I’ve been included on the VMware #vExpert program for another year.  Massive thank you to @vCommunityGuy & @VMware for running a fantastic community of awesome people.  vExpert 2021 Award Announcement https://t.co/3r6EbQPBDe https://t.co/ZtPpDFctRf

Windows10 VDI Performance impact analysis - what is the impact of various builds of #Win10 on performance and user density? read all the details here: portal.nutanix.com/page/documents… @nutanix @Citrix @VMware @Frame @Microsoft by @svenh Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

The possibilities are endless when you become a #vExpert 💡 What are you waiting for? Apply by Friday, 1/15 → bit.ly/35ArnJs Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

The speed of light visualized on a world map. Credit: @PhysicsJ Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Nutanix Community Podcast: NVIDIA GPUs and Benefits for EUC next.nutanix.com/community-blog… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

In case you missed it, version 3.0 of the NSX-T Reference Design Guide has been released. Go grab it so you too have something to do during the Christmas break 😉 communities.vmware.com/t5/VMware-NSX-… #RunNSX #vExpert #SDDC Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

I've just re-applied for 2021 - fingers crossed. If anyone would like assistance with their application then feel free to reach out #vExpert twitter.com/vExpert/status…

Very very happy to say I've made the cut as @Nutanix Technology Champion for a 5th year running. Massive thank you to @AngeloLuciani for running such an awesome community #NTC #Nutanix next.nutanix.com/community-blog…

Don't forget to submit your vExpert application. We also understand during Covid we were all limited in our ability to interact in community. Submit before the holiday. Apps close Jan 9th, 2021. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

We're excited to be a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays once again! A big thank you and shout out to our customers and partners for helping us achieve this recognition. purefla.sh/2JxGY4T Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

#purepartnerevent chilling virtually on the beach in my @themiltonjones shirt ready for the #christmas @PureStorage event

test Twitter Media - #purepartnerevent chilling virtually on the beach in my @themiltonjones shirt ready for the #christmas @PureStorage event https://t.co/r3rrERiNLa

[Re-Post] How to deploy the VMware Appliance for Folding@Home bit.ly/36wZXW5 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

To day is a sad day as our very own Softcat legend, @ColinBrw, leaves Softcat after 8 wonderful years as MD. During this time Colin has been an integral part of so many of our successes. Colin we wish you the best in the future and thank you for all you have done! Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

What are the advantages of using Thin VMDKs as your default on #vSAN? @Lost_Signal explains. bit.ly/2HPnwjj Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

In case you didn't know. Visio Diagrams for #VMware Validated Design for SDDC 6.0 are available for free here: communities.vmware.com/t5/Documents/V… Perfect for e.g. your blog, documentation, designs, etc. #vExpert #vCommunity Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

.@Lost_Signal weighs the difference of thick vs. thin on vSAN - get the breakdown: bit.ly/3pBY4i7 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VCF Remote Clusters provide a mechanism to deploy full stack #HCI technology out closer to the IoT #Edge without requiring technical staff at these edge locations. Get the details: bit.ly/3nssKRa Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

It's party time and not one minute we can lose..... DAVID MARSHALL! 🥳🎼 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Thank you to #CRNAwards for awarding us the Public Sector VAR Award of the Year for the second year in a row. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done in this sector and of how hard our team have worked to achieve it. We feel honoured to have been recognised in this way. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

We are thrilled to have been recognised as Reseller of the Year in the 2020 #CRNAwards. Thank you to our customers, partners and all the hard work of our people in making this happen. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

"I hope everyone back home is having a party tonight!" 🥳 Just look how much it means to Ryan Christie! 🥺 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

One of our goals at Google is to unlock climate ambitions with data, insights, and innovation to overcome today’s climate crisis. Find out how we're supporting these European cities to win the fight against climate change → goo.gle/3eE7CEc Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

New blog post: vSphere with Tanzu - vCenter Server Network Configuration Overview - Mapping out the various network settings in a simple diagram. frankdenneman.nl/2020/11/06/vsp… #vSphere #VMware #Tanzu #Kubernetes Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

If you're looking to consistently deliver infrastructure as code in a reliable, secure, and predictable manner, I suggest learning about continuous integration (#CI). 🚀🌌 I just published a new video on this topic using @gitlab CI and #Terraform. youtu.be/vWIkzWJa9NU Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

SMARTY mobile. True Pay as you Go mobile. Highly recommend referme.to/15XpUmx

Automated Nested Lab Deployment on SDDC Part 3: Google VMware Cloud Engine dy.si/1jiVY Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Automated Nested Lab Deployment on SDDC Part 1: VMware Cloud on AWS dy.si/Ba6aLf2 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

In this episode of VMware Throwdown, it’s @JoeBaguley versus @jbeda . Get ready for action as these two debate the future of Kubernetes and share different perspectives on one of today’s hottest technologies. Watch here! ow.ly/uVMc50C2oLI Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

📽 In this episode of VMware Throwdown, @JoeBaguley mixes it up with @cswolf. They take on cloud conversion, virtual GPUs and why every developer just wants a nice quiet namespace to call home. Watch now! ow.ly/PURh50C2oA5 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing -October 28th, 2020 dy.si/DVpXj Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Day 2/100 #100DaysofCodeOrSweat Starting the code side of this challenge. #Terraform is something I dove deep on some time ago (~v0.4), and haven’t really used for the last couple of years. Seems like a good time to reacquaint myself. Starting here today learn.hashicorp.com/collections/te… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Week five at #GoogleCloudNext is all about the application modernisation of your existing workloads. Learn about Google Cloud’s Business Application Platform, and explore best practices to help progress your projects → goo.gle/34rvqHY Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

#AWS Community Days are great online events organized by users, for users. I’m looking forward to today's online Community Day in the Netherlands. More info at awscommunityday.nl . Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Starting to become a nice list with considerations, requirements, and Q&A on the topic of vSphere Clustering Services, and will keep adding as questions come in > yellow-bricks.com/2020/10/09/vmw… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

How to build vROPs dashboard for tracking VM Growth over X days veducate.co.uk/vrops-dashboar… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

vCenter Server 7.0 U1a released, compatible with SRM! yellow-bricks.com/2020/10/23/vce… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Great architects care about the daily operations of their designs, including the people who have to run them. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

remember remember the 5th of November... don't miss the deadline folks 🙂 next.nutanix.com/community-blog…

Yesterday was fun at #VeeamLive but there was a lot of announcements and news, obviously you can still go back and catch up but this is a recap on some of the important things - vzilla.co.uk/vzilla-blog/ve… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

So very excited to announce the availability of a new cloud-based DR service - VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery! This is the culmination of a ton of hard work by a lot of folks over the last 3 months since the Datrium acquisition @vmwarecloudaws @vmwarecloud cloud.vmware.com/community/2020… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

I’ve now decided my next car will be a full EV (electric). And our household will start a meat-free Monday diet. I’m also going to try make some impacts at my work as part of a wider Green Team agenda 2/2

Our Supreme leader has spoken. Watch this film on Netflix and then go change something for the better regard your impact on the planet... immediately!! youtu.be/64R2MYUt394 1/2

Wrote a LinkedIn post on the topic, added a bit more detail: linkedin.com/pulse/how-can-… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Quick ☁️ how-to guide: designing a CloudOut to Amazon #S3 solution for cost-efficient & reliable long-term data retention. Strategies based on common customer environments: bit.ly/2XAqnky Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

We're excited to announce the newest entrant in the @VMware Global Partner Appliance Category, @Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series! Get the details. bit.ly/2GV0y9N Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

🥳 Happy to announce the highly antipicated vSphere with @VMwareTanzu Automated Lab Deployment Script is now AVAILABLE! Enjoy folks, it was a lot of work! twitter.com/vGhetto/status… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Nice perspective from @GregL_VMware with insight into how @vmwocto is evolving under his leadership, along with some of our future technology bets. informationweek.com/strategic-cio/… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

vExpert 2021 Applications will open Nov 20th, 2020 and close on Jan 8th, 2021. Signup for the official notification at vexpert.vmware.com. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VMware is having its second Multi-Cloud Briefing, and you won't want to miss it. Save the date for October 28. bit.ly/3iXPMg0 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Introducing VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (VCDR) cormachogan.com/2020/10/14/int… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

📺 New 4K Video! Beginners Tutorial to #Terraform with #Azure to help folks get up and running quickly and efficiently! 😀✌ youtu.be/gyZdCzdkSY4 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

I’m very proud of our approach to the multi-cloud universe. It’s all about the best platform for any given use case. Only a VAR with neutral view point, a ton of experience & ability to traverse any vendor or cloud can truly offer this level value areasix-softcat.com/s/4YSKGBDQ @Softcat

From the NVIDIA GTC Keynote: See How VMware Project Monterey and NVIDIA BlueField2 Will Change the Data Center - nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/keyn… @nvidia @VMwarevSphere Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Are you wondering how new features in @VMware #vSAN 7 U1 impact the decision process of large clusters versus small clusters in vSAN? Take a look at the updated guide here: core.vmware.com/resource/vsan-… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

New Post! What I've Learned from 10 Years of Blogging - is.gd/6uswTZ Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

test Twitter Media - RT @ChrisWahl: New Post! What I've Learned from 10 Years of Blogging - https://t.co/cueT3A19b9 https://t.co/DhuIqJHMrV

ESXi on ARM? You've waited - it's now here! Go play... @VMware bit.ly/3iEFqS2 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Here is my latest #vmworld doodle covering the amazing @Cohesity session with @ccolotti and @mohitaron, ask the CTO session with @shawnbass and @brianmadden and innovation in VMware mentioning @alanrenouf VR journey! @vmworld Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Check out my 5 @VMworld sessions on-demand around K8s, core storage, vVols, Site Recovery Manager, Cloud Native Storage. Session links: Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Here is my first #vmworld 2020 doodle covering @PGelsinger and @spoonen keynote presentation, #vmug #vexpert if this is of use please share Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Want to catch up on all of today's #VMworld announcements? You can read my summary here - vmware.com/company/news/u… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Who’s excited for #VMworld 2020? There’s still time to register for one of @OracleCloud's sessions – they're covering #data center migration, capacity expansion, and disaster recovery. bit.ly/3n36IVO Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

By the way... Have you checked this awesome #VMworld2020 #vTrailMap ? Thanks again @Veeam for sponsoring! Check it here: veeam.com/vmware-vtrail-… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Announcing VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, an on-demand #DRaaS to Protect your vSphere Workloads. Blog article: blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/… Tech preview video playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Not only is #ProjectMontery really cool but its also 1st validation of #ESXionARM as most SmartNICs have an @Arm processor. This tech will extend to VMware Cloud Foundation & reimagine vSphere “Cluster” blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/0… Congrats to @esxi_arm Team, they must be proud! 🥳 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Introducing the New Professional Development Track at VMworld 2020 - Office of the CTO Blog octo.vmware.com/introducing-ne… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

New release of VDI Calculator is available; it's Mobile First and has feature parity with old versions. Available here: vdicalc.myvirtualcloud.net Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Thank you @softcat #SoftcatTogether2020 Virtual Kickoff coming in during annual leave. Wouldn’t miss it !! Great job

test Twitter Media - Thank you @softcat #SoftcatTogether2020  Virtual Kickoff coming in during annual leave. Wouldn’t miss it !!   Great job https://t.co/VtJLLDRfwZ

Introducing @rubrikinc Cloud-Native Protection for #Google Cloud Platform: rubrik.com/blog/cloud-nat… #AWS#Azure#GCP#Rubrik 🚀 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Announced today: VMware vSphere 7 Update 1, VMware vSAN 7 Update 1 and VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1! Get all of the details on how these offerings will help accelerate app and infrastructure modernization initiatives! vmware.com/go/developer-r… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

What's new in vSAN 7.0 U1?! @DuncanYB breaks down the new features in this technical blog post. bit.ly/33xwoRh Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Do you boot vSphere from SD or USB media? Be aware vSphere 7.0 requirements may affect your potential for seamless upgrade blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/0…

You have missed the @nutanix #NEXTconf announces. All of the content remain available until November 10th. Just visit bit.ly/35pyBAR. 30 seconds after completing the registration form, you can binge watch hundreds of sessions and keynotes. Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Generational #Nutanix AOS Advancements Accelerate HCI Performance bit.ly/3mcbaRN Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

test Twitter Media - RT @arjanhs: Generational #Nutanix AOS Advancements Accelerate HCI Performance https://t.co/vF3ZXfoAOD https://t.co/gTQrLRyJvG

A summary of what have been announced at Nutanix Global .NEXT #nutanix #nextconf crn.com/slide-shows/cl… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

#NEXTconf sessions available on-demand for a limited time. Get on the conference portal and start learning @nutanix

it’s bordering on overwhelming how many improvements and new features @nutanix have brought to #NEXTconf 2020. Incredible. #NTC

Congratulations to the #Nutanix customers who won a Customer Award at #NEXTconf! We love celebrating our rockstar customers. See what else is going on at the .NEXT Digital Experience here: bit.ly/2F9lEAo #NutanixStories Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Working on a .html version of my VDI calculator. This is a preview and it is missing features, but already has the core components for host (cpu/ram) calculations. Here is a temp link and I'll be improving it day-by-day. vdicalc-go-pqihbnlvwq-uc.a.run.app Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

New Post! Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Mind Map - is.gd/AY8dzc #googlecloudcertified Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

In this short video, you will learn about the steps involved in automatically deploying an NSX-T 3 Edge Cluster. Watch here: bit.ly/34NJpbX Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Which #HCI sessions does @DuncanYB have on his #VMworld 2020 schedule? Get the list: bit.ly/2YIQzdn Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

VMC Sizing Script and the VMC Sizer API dy.si/jQ3Vn5 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Thanks @softcat for the goodies. Love the glasses! #pride

test Twitter Media - Thanks @softcat for the goodies. Love the glasses! #pride https://t.co/Iak0KGlQtm

New Post! #AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02) Exam Tips - is.gd/9qJ1yc #certification Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

#HCP2453 - 60 Minutes of NUMA covers both Intel and AMD architecture, including the new NUMA per Socket feature of EPYC. Sign up if you want to hear more: my.vmworld.com/widget/vmware/… #VMworld #VMware #vSphere7 #Intel #AMD Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Pure Partners with Cohesity to Deliver Rapid Recovery at Scale bit.ly/2DW481O Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

More details from @IntelGraphics on their upcoming Xe Discrete GPU and future lineups wccftech.com/intel-confirms… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Perfect hybrid cloud deployment

test Twitter Media - Perfect hybrid cloud deployment https://t.co/5QSYLK7Oen

vExpert Application Modernization Program Launched! If you want to be part of these programs, don't miss out when vExpert applications open in November. vexpert.vmware.com Read the article tanzu.vmware.com/content/blog/a… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Did you know that @VMwareVCF 4.0.1 includes #NSX-T cluster-level upgrade support and #K8s in the management domain? 🤔 Learn more: bit.ly/39hQfqj Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

#vSphereBitfusion is now generally available! Here's what you need to know before upgrading: bit.ly/30DXK6N Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

You can download the new Azure Stack HCI right now. So we're clear, this is a NEW OS offering designed to run on your server hardware locally. A truly hybrid offering that still gives you control and hardware options: azure.microsoft.com/en-us/products… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

[NEW BLOG] vSphere 7 – System Storage When Upgrading Get a better understanding of what is happening with the ESXi system storage when upgrading to #vSphere7 blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/0… /#vExpert @VMwarevSphere Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Happy Friday! @VMware has officially acquired @Datrium. This week on @virtspeaking @vPedroArrow and @Lost_Signal welcome @leecaswell to discuss the acquisition and VMware's vision for #DRaaS bit.ly/396xl5u Enjoy! Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

An awesome #AI self-driving car demo from @vhojan at #LonVMUG today Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

test Twitter Media - RT @aldershotchris: An awesome #AI self-driving car demo from @vhojan at #LonVMUG today https://t.co/Vr6IWa6CUf

It's been great talking on the virtual London VMUG this morning about DRS and vMotion in #vSphere7! A lot more cool sessions are coming up. Great organized VMUG! Check out the YT live feed: youtube.com/watch?v=tA4NgC… #LonVMUG @MyVMUG Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

The release of the i3en.metal instance contained a small but significant shift in the storage architecture used within #VMWonAWS. @glnsize explains: bit.ly/3evqu6I Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

The VMworld 2020 Content Catalog is live! dy.si/1myVjp Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Have you seen #vSAN File Services in action yet? This video demos the setup, mgmt, and performance\capacity monitoring youtu.be/Hh2v9dNzC-0 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

vSphere with Kubernetes on VCF 4.0.1 Consolidated Architecture cormachogan.com/2020/07/08/vsp… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

What's the best tests to run for a proof of concept? X-RAYs Resiliency Tests! 1. Extended Node Failure 2. Rolling Upgrade 3. Sequential Node Failure 4. Total Power Loss These tests show the real world value of #Nutanix. Resiliency & data integrity are priority NUMBER 1! #HCI Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

In association with @swukvmug @NorthEastVMUG we will be running a combined Virtual #VMUG Event on the 2nd July discussing vSphere 7, vSAN Files and VCF Join us for a virtual coffee with @DuncanYB @FrankDenneman @CormacJHogan community.vmug.com/events/event-d… #VMUGENGLAND Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

#VMware #vSAN Design Considerations - Deduplication and Compression bit.ly/2VlpHyJ Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Infrastructure-as-code is cool for VMs and app hosting stuff. I also like it for building out (and deploying) machinery for managed data services. Here, see how to use Terraform to create an instance of @GCPcloud Data Fusion (ETL), and deploy a pipeline: cloud.google.com/blog/products/… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Some pretty impressive improvements in Purity 5.3.6 specific to #vVols with our VASA 1.1.0 provider. Wow. support.purestorage.com/Solutions/VMwa… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

This looks like a very really useful VMware KB which was just published - vSAN Feature List with vSphere Versions kb.vmware.com/kb/79387 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Create a new vSphere with Kubernetes namespace (Video) cormachogan.com/2020/06/10/cre… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Automating FlashStack with SmartConfig and VMware Cloud Foundation codyhosterman.com/2020/06/automa… via @codyhosterman Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

Snapshots are not backup. But they're not not backup! Check it out: twitter.com/DBArgenis/stat… Retweeted by Aidan Thomson

New Post: #vSAN Design Considerations - Using Large Capacity Storage devices bit.ly/2YeyDq3 Retweeted by Aidan Thomson